Raw data + SignIn = Valuable Information

Start you tour of SignIn software with viewing the screen shots. For details on what the software does take a look at Overview and Installation. With any question contact us and we will do our best to respond promptly.
SignIn software consists of three major programs: SignIn Application, Manager program, and Report tool.

SignIn application allows for day to day work with customers. It interfaces the database to store or edit customer information and activity. Read more about it Application Documentation

Manager program allows you to create a custom map of your lab layout. You can save room layouts for future use. You control the number of workstations and their position.Manager Documentation.

Report tool provides timely reports on summaries or details of lab activity. You can find out who used a particular workstation over a period of time or where a particular customer worked lately. In addition to a number of provided reports you can create custom ones. Reporting Documentation
Download Sites: (3.2 MB)

Main Download Site: Michigan

Additional Microsoft files required on some PCs: Data Access

New web based SignIn!

Take a look at an example of the enterprise version live report of the lab status available to all your customers online: Online Status Report

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