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Data II presents: SignIn 5.0 for Windows and SignIn 6.0 web based: Windows/MAC/Linux!

SignIn - Software for Labs!

Must-have software for Computer Lab, Library, and Student Access Workstations!
Keep track of when, why, and who uses computers in your lab.

Servicing computer labs since 1999!
© Copyrights 1999, 2000, 2001

Example of a live lab status report generated by enterprise version of SignIn: Online Status Report
It uses PHP application server to access MySQL database.

Installation instruction and minimum requirements:

After downloading the zipped file SignIn.EXE into a local folder, double-click on it to install the software. Follow the prompts to extract the files. You will be prompted to install the program. After the installation is complete, you will be able to find the program under Start -> Programs -> SignIn Lab Software.

Now you are ready to run the SignIn program, reports, or the Manager program that allows you to create a map of your computer lab. Email Us with any questions.

This software is available for download on shareware basis.  In this form it will expire in 3 months after installation.
Enterprise version is available using MySQL or Oracle databases. This allows to service multiple rooms and buildings with the same database. Also web pages can be exposed that provide current lab status on the internet. Contact us for details.

If your internet connection is too slow to download this software, email us and we will arrange to mail you a copy of the installation files.

You can own this software for $49 per computer lab.  Please contact us for details.

Hardware Requirements:
Pentium PC computer (100 Mhz or more); Mouse; Keyboard; Monitor

Software Requirements
Windows 95/98/2000
For the shareware version you need to have installed MS Access 97 (comes with Microsoft Office 97)

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